On the day of the interview






Post Interview

It is understandable if you feel nervous after your interview has been completed. Once the interview is over, it is down to the assessors to decide on whether or not you are the right applicant for the role. While you may feel like getting back in contact with the assessors after the interview has been completed, this is not recommended.

The policy at Elm is to inform candidates whether or not they have been successful. Unlike many other organizations, Elm believes that it is important to treat all of our candidates with respect. We endeavor to provide constructive feedback to candidates who are not successful and never ignore a candidate post-interview.
You will always be informed about the outcome of your interview when it has been decided, and a follow-up email will not increase the speed of the process.
If you do not receive the role, this does not mean you were a bad applicant. At Elm, we receive many applications for each role, and if you received an invitation to interview with us, you have already demonstrated a level of knowledge above the applicants who did not receive an opportunity to interview.