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Tajseer Program

Good training has always been a key to business success that leads society towards growth through enabling powerful and rich minds.

Since its very beginning, Elm has invested in the transfer and localization of knowledge, as we believe our young national energies are the secret behind our prosperity and development.

As a part of our approach to establish a knowledge-based society, we are working to promote graduates’ growth in various business fields through creating valuable programs for training graduates, while providing an attractive and stimulating environment that supports their excellence and readiness for the job market.

About Tajseer

A development program designed to prepare university graduates for the market, while enabling them to find the suitable environment for their development by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience for their promising career paths.

Tajseer Components

It consists of the following training approaches:

Training Courses
On-Job Training
Projects and Assignments
Job Rotation
Mentoring and Coaching

Selection Criteria

The applicant must be Saudi National
The applicant should be unemployed
Passing the interview
The applicant must be a graduate of a recognized university with a minimum of 6-month post-graduation

Targeted Track



Training Length

6 Months

Monthly Reward

5000 SAR

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