When you join us at Elm, you will be part of a team that contributes to the future of our country and the world. No matter what sector you join or direction you take at Elm, you will be part of the innovation efforts to reshape how people live, work, and learn.

We built an environment that stimulates the sense of creativity, taking the initiative, presenting ideas, exchange of opinions and sharing of expertise and knowledge, so that Elm employees will, as a result, always be in a continuous improvement cycle.


Your working life at Elm will not be limited to daily tasks and handling projects. We believe that support, development, and continuous training are the secrets to the employees’ utmost loyalty. That is why we are keen on providing the development training programs prepared by accredited institutes, which are held annually in Saudi Arabia and abroad to raise the skills and enhance the capabilities.  Joining Elm will allow you to improve your talent through:








At Elm, we believe the power of great working spaces. That is one of the main components in our environment. We accommodate all of our employees' needs to work in comfort, achieve their goals, and increase productivity. Each department has its offices and working spaces as well as the employee social lounges and breaks rooms where you can enjoy complimentary beverages and healthy snacks all day. Every floor is supported by meeting rooms with the state of the art furniture and technologies. We will hand you the keys to spend your time and energy efficiently.

Your time at Elm won't be dedicated solely to work. We also have a wide array of social activities to help employees bond and unwind. Every year, our Human Resources Committee plans and conducts a colorful calendar that includes: