Life in Saudi Arabia

When you come to Saudi Arabia, and once you set your first foot here, you will see that life and pace of development are fast, and the spirit of youth fills every place to pump life and passion for work. Here is the Kingdom that strives to be better every day, and to compete with the world in all areas.

Security and Social Life

We are aware that the first pillar of satisfaction, belonging, and the ability to produce is the sense of security. therefore, we would like to inform you that Saudi Arabia is one of the safest places in the world with people who love social life, where the youth make up 80% of the population, so when you observe the social life in the Kingdom, you will see a society that interacts greatly with events and entertainment in a harmonious spirit and a stable life.


The Kingdom is working to develop the transport network inside the cities and between the regions of the Kingdom to provide citizens and residents with the highest standards of quality of life and easy access to places they want whatever they are.Transportation facilities vary to include:

  • Roads and highways covering all cities and connecting them in a safe, fast, and free manner with integrated services.
  • Taxi cars (Careem - Uber,etc.) at very reasonable prices.
  • Riyadh electric train (Riyadh Metro) which includes 85 stations and is scheduled to run in 2019.
  • 4 airlines that offer both full-service flying and economic flying.


Residence options vary in the Kingdom to provide you with the most suitable accommodation, ranging between traditional villas, apartments and modern architectural apartments.


Saudi Arabia offers different educational systems for all levels, generates highly skilled forces and human competencies capable of working in various fields. The Kingdom is also keen to establish and develop educational facilities that keep pace with the world in curriculum and cadres.

Health and Sport

The Kingdom is strong on spreading awareness about sport, health care and disease prevention, It allocates huge budgets for health care services and provides opportunities for citizens and residents to practice various sports activities on a regular basis because of their direct impact on all fields.

Infrastructure and Internet

Infrastructure with high standards of electricity, water, energy, public transportation, telecommunications and internet services is one of the most important life quality factors in the Kingdom. The Kingdom is also in the process of increasing the Internet usage rate from 75% to 85% by supporting all its components, that is because it is aware pf the importance of digital services and their great role in development and growth in the upcoming years.

Entertainment, Culture and Nature

The Kingdom is interested in organizing and encouraging the entertainment sector and developing it to achieve enjoyment for all segments of society with its different cultures

When you see the vast area of the Kingdom and the diversity of its geographical nature, you find yourself in front of a county that will amaze you with its different types of nature of the seas, mountains, valleys and deserts with charming golden sands

Moreover, the Kingdom is an inexhaustible resource for large and various culture and arts, with its people preserving their cultures and heritage as well as keeping up with the world's development and progress, so you find yourself in front of a country that preserves its identity and competes with the world through a nation that respects its culture and the cultures of the world around it.